20170621 MQA MEE RSS feed for public list 20170621 MQA MEE Digital design : by Wakerly, John F. A Discipline for software engineering. by Humphrey, Watts S. Advanced software testing. Vol. 2 : Guide to the ISTQB Advanced Certification as an Advanced Test Manager / Rex Black. by Black, Rex, Agile management for software engineering : by Anderson, David J. (David James), Analog integrated circuit design. by Carusone, Tony Chan. Analysis and Design of Analog Integrated Circuits / by Gray, Paul R. Analysis and design of analog integrated circuits. by Gray, Paul R. Analysis and Design of Digital Integrated Circuits : by Hodges, David A. Applied graph theory in computer vision and pattern recognition / Artificial intelligence : by Negnevitsky, Michael. Assignment and thesis writing. by Anderson, Jonathan. Basics of qualitative research : by Corbin, Juliet M., Bio-inspired artificial intelligence : by Floreano, Dario. Bridge engineering : by Zhao, Jim J. Building codes illustrated : by Ching, Francis D. K., Building services engineering / by Chadderton, David V. Building Services Handbook / by Hall, Fred. Business research : by Collis, Jill. Case study research : by Yin, Robert K. CMOS Analysis Integrated Circuits: by Ndjountche, Tertulien CMOS VLSI design : by Weste, Neil H. E. Complete your dissertation or thesis in two semesters or less / by Ogden, Evelyn Hunt. Construction materials reference book / Construction risk in coastal engineering / by Simm, Jonathan. Design and technology of integrated circuits. by De Cogan, Donard. Design of Analog CMOS Integrated Circuits. by Behzad Razavi. Digital computer logic and electronics : by Gane, C. P. Digital computer logic and electronics : by Gane, C. P. Digital computer logic and electronics : by Gane, C. P. Digital computer logic and electronics : by Unwin, A. W. Digital electronics : by Tokheim, Roger L. Digital electronics : by Tokheim, Roger L. Digital electronics with PLD integration. by Cook, Nigel P. Digital electronics. by Bignell, James. Digital fundamentals / Thomas L. Floyd. by Floyd, Thomas L. Digital logic circuit analysis and design. by Nelson,Victor P. Doing qualitative research : by Silverman, David. Embedded microcomputer systems : by Ball, Stuart R. Embedded microprocessor systems design : by Short, Kenneth L. Engineering ethics : Engineering ethics. by Fleddermann, Charles B. Engineering ethics. by Hummon, Norman P. Engineering materials : by Budinski, Kenneth G. Engineering materials technology / by Bolton, W. Environmental engineering : Essentials of Software Engineering / by Tsui, Frank Finish your dissertation once and for all! : by Miller, Alison B. Global engineering and construction / by Yates, J. K. Green infrastructure for landscape planning : by Austin, Gary Guide to Software Development : by Langer, Arthur M. Guide to the successful thesis and dissertation : by Mauch, James E., Handbook of pattern recognition and computer vision / by Chen, C.H. Handbook of software engineering & knowledge engineering - vol. 3. by Sk Chang. Highway engineering / by Wright, Paul H. How to prepare a dissertation proposal : by Krathwohl, David R. Introduction to software quality / by O'Regan, Gerard. Kejuruteraan perisian. by Suhaimi Ibrahim. Low-Power CMOS VLSI Circuit Design. by Kaushik Roy. Malaysian standard: Materials science and engineering : by Callister, William D., Jr., Materials science and technology : Mechanical and electrical equipment for buildings / by Grondzik, Walter T., author. Microelectronic Circuit Design. by Jaeger, Richard C. Microelectronic circuits : by Rashid, Muhammad H. Modern Digital and Analogue Communications Systems by Lathi, B. P. Network infrastructure and architecture : by Iniewski, Krzysztof, Object-oriented & classical software engineering. by Schach, Stephen R. Object-oriented software engineering - using UML, Patterns and JAVA. by Bruegge, Bernd. Object-oriented software engineering : by Bruegge, Bernd. Object-oriented software engineering. by Lethbridge, Timothy C. Practical research: by Leedy, Paul D. Practicing software engineering in 21st century. by Peckham. Joan. Principles & practice of bridge engineering / by Bindra, S. P. Project Management for Engineering and Construction / by Oberlender, Garold D Project-based software engineering. by Stiller, Evelyn. Qualitative research in practice : by Merriam, Sharan B. Reka bentuk penyelidikan : by Sidek Mohd Noah. Requirements engineering for software and systems / by Laplante, Phillip A. Research design : by Creswell, John W. Research methodology : by Kumar, Ranjit. Research methodology : by Kothari, C.R, author Research methods : by Jackson, Sherri L., Research methods : by Graziano, Anthony M., Research methods : by Devlin , Ann Sloan Research methods / by White, Theresa L. Research methods / by McNeill, Patrick. Researching and writing a dissertation for business students by Fisher , C. M. Road infrastructure design made simple / by Siti Nurbaya Ab. Karim Semiconductor physics and devices : by Neamen, Donald A. Software engineering : by Pressman, Roger S. Software engineering : by Pressman, Roger S. Software engineering : by Braude, Eric J. Software engineering : by Sellappan, P. Software Engineering : by Roger S Pressman Software engineering : by Vliet, Hans van. Software engineering / by Sommerville, Ian, Software engineering / by Sommerville, Ian, Software engineering in higher education. by Staples, G. Software engineering measurement. by Munson, John C. Software project management / by Hughes, Bob Solid waste engineering / by Vesilind, P.Aarne. Structure and properties of engineering materials / by Henkel, Daniel. Surviving your dissertation : by Rudestam, Kjell Erik. Sustainable infrastructure : by Sarté, S. Bry, Systematic analogue computer programming. by Charlesworth, A. S. Systems and Software Quality: by Martin Wieczorek Teknologi elektronik berdigit. by Jasni Ismail. The 8051 microcontroller a systems approach / by Muhammad Ali Mazidi The action research dissertation. by Herr, Kathryn. The craft of research / by Booth, Wayne C. The dissertation journey : by Roberts, Carol M. The materials science of semiconductors / by Rockett, A. (Angus) The Science and engineering of materials / by Askeland, Donald. To build New York : Underground infrastructure of urban areas 2 / Using UML - software engineering with objects and components. by Stevens, Perdita. Wastewater engineering : Wastewater Engineering : Water and wastewater engineering : by Davis, Mackenzie L. Water, wastewater, and stormwater infrastructure management / by Grigg, Neil S. Write great essays and dissertations / by Hutchison, Hazel.