20160720 MQA PhD Education RSS feed for public list 20160720 MQA PhD Education Study in Malaysia handbook/ 1001 writing projects for students : by Cooper, Fred. A Handbook for teaching & learning in higher education : by Fry, Heather. Activity box : by Greenwood, Jean. Adults learning. by Rogers, Jennifer. Advertising Media Planning. by Sissors, Jack Z. Applied business research qualitative and quantitative methods. by Cavana, Robert y. Bayesian statistics for the social sciences / by Kaplan, David, Benchmarking and threshold standards in higher education. by Armstrong, Michael. Bimbingan dan kaunseling sekolah. by Amla Salleh. Building research culture and infrastructure / by McRoy, Ruth G. Buku panduan institut pengajian tinggi Malaysia. Business research methods / by Cooper, Donald R. Business research methods / by Blumberg, Boris. Business research methods / by Cooper, Donald R Business research methods. by Cooper, Donald R. Business Research Methods. by Zikmund, William G. Business research methods. by Zikmund, William G. Business research methods. by Cooper, Donald R. Classroom communication and diversity : by Powell, Robert G. Communicating in groups : by Keyton, Joann. Comparative Adult Education. by Harris, W. V. A. Copyright law and the distance education classroom / by Lipinski, Tomas A., Course design : by Posner, George J. Critical essays on major curriculum theorists / by Scott, David, Dasar e-pembelajaran negara : Dasar pembangunan pendidikan Malaysia : by Sufean Hussin. Design elements, form & space : by Puhalla, Dennis. Developing critical reading skills / by Milan Spears, Deanne. Drama techniques : by Maley, Alan, E-ffective writing for e-learning environments. by Campbell, Katy. e-Pembelajaran di IPTA Malaysia Education guide Malaysia. Education guide Malaysia. Education guide Malaysia. by Challenger Concept. Education in Malaysia : Education, equality and human rights. by Cole, Mike. Educational and psychological perspectives on stress in students, teachers, and parents. by Phillips, Beeman N. Educational psychology : by Crowl, Thomas K. Educational research : by Johnson, Burke. Entrepreneurship and small business : by Burns, Paul, Entrepreneurship and the creation of small firms : Entrepreneurship education in Asia / Essentials of strength training and conditioning / Exploring research. by Salkind, Neil J. Falsafah dan sejarah pendidikan Islam. by Mohd Yusuf Ahmad. Financial aid for education. by Krishnan, K. Foundations of education. by Ornstein,Allan C. Foundations of physical education, exercise science, and sport / by Wuest, Deborah A. Fundamentals of Financial Accounting. by Balachandran,John. Getting our kids back on track : by Bempechat, Janine. Glencoe introduction to business by Brown ,Betty Jean Governing universities : by Bargh, Catherine. Guru sebagai pendorong dalam darjah. by Ainon Muhamad. Higher education in transition : by Brubacher, John S. How to prepare a dissertation proposal : by Krathwohl, David R. How to teach your baby to read : by Doman, Glenn. Imagining multilingual schools : Inclusive education. by Garner, Philip. India infrastructure report 2012 : Innovative mobile learning : Instant teaching tools for health care educators. by Deck, Michele. Integrating key skills in higher education : by Fallows, Stephen. International dictionary of adult and continuing education. by Jarvis, Peter. International education : by Hayden , Mary . Introduction to careers in health, physical education, and sport / by Floyd, Patricia A. Introduction to physical education and sport : by Buck, Marilyn M. Introduction to physical education, exercise science and sport studies / by Lumpkin, Angela Introduction to physical education, fitness, and sport / by Siedentop, Daryl. Introduction to research in education. by Ary, Donald. IQRA' satu perjalanan/ by Noraien Mansor Jump start to higher education. Kaedah penyelidikan pendidikan by Mohd. Majid Konting. Ke arah sistem pendidikan yang unggul : Key concepts for understanding curriculum / by Marsh, Colin J. Konsep kependidikan para filosof Muslim / by H. Busyairi Madjidi Kursus tamadun islam dan pendidikan moral. by Ghazali Darusalam. Laporan jawatan kuasa mengkaji, menyemak dan membuat perakuan. Learn your way to success : by Tobin, Daniel R., Lifelong learning in higher education. by Knapper, Christopher K. Malaysian education and career guide. by Vijesurier, R. Malaysian private higher education : by Tan Ai Mei. Media messages and public health : Memahami isu-isu pendidikan islam di Malaysia. by Suzalie Mohamad. Memahami Penyelidikan Pendidikan. by Deobold B.Van Dalen. Mobile learning : Mobile learning : Moral education / Multicultural education : Multiculturalism and education : by La Belle, Thomas J. Panduan pengajaran olahraga : by Wee Eng Hoe. Parents who love reading, kids who don't : by Leonhardt, Mary. Pedagogi pendidikan Islam. by Ghazali Darusalam. Pendidikan di Malaysia : by Sufean Hussin Pendidikan Islam : by Ahmad Mohd Saleh. Pendidikan Islam dan pengaruhnya di Malaysia. by Abdullah Ishak. Pendidikan islam dan peralihan paradigma. by Hasan Langgulung, Prof. Dr. Pendidikan jasmani dan pendidikan kesihatan. by Wee Eng Hoe. Pendidikan moral teori etika dan amalan moral. by Abdul Rahman Md Aroff. Pengajaran bantuan komputer. by Norhashim Abu Samah. Pengajian Islam / by Ezad Azraai Jamsari. Pengantar perniagaan Islam. by Syed Mohd. Ghazali Wafa. Pengenalan falsafah pendidikan. by Hj. Abdul Fatah Hasan. Penyelidikan pendidikan. by Mohamad Najib Abdul Ghafar. Performance assessment for field sports / by Carling, Christopher, Persekitaran pembelajaran pelajar cacat penglihatan di Malaysia by Wong, Huey Siew Philosophy of education : Precision agriculture for grain production systems / by Whelan, Brett, author. Proceedings of the international conference on e-education. Professional development in higher education : by Nicholls, Gill. Program khas pembangunan sahsiah pelajar 2012 Psikologi pendidikan. by Shahabuddin Hashim. R & D products of public universities in Malaysia : R & D products of public universities in Malaysia : Reading and study skills. by Grant, Patricia. Reasoned rationales : Report : Research methods for business : by Sekaran, Uma. Research methods for business : by Sekaran, Uma. Research methods for business : by Sekaran, Uma. Research methods for business : by Sekaran, Uma. Research methods for business : by Sekaran, Uma. Research methods for business : Research methods for business and management. by Diehl, P. L. Research methods for business students / by Saunders, Mark, Research methods for business students. by Saunders, Mark. Research methods for business students. by Saunders, Mark. Research methods in education : by Wiersma, William. Research methods in education / by Cohen, Louis, Revitalising education : by Sufean Hussin. Sains dalam pendidikan islam. by Zawawi Hj. Ahmad. Senarai kelayakan-kelayakan yang diiktraf oleh kerajaan Malaysia. Social capital, lifelong learning and the management of place : Software engineering in higher education. by Staples, G. Strategies For Adult Education. by Titmus, Colin. Student assessment in higher education : by Cox, Kevin. Successful sports officiating / Taking sides. Clashing views on educational issues / by Koonce, Glenn L. Task-based language learning and teaching / by Ellis, Rod Teaching and learning in a diverse world : by Ramsey, Patricia G. Teaching stories : The centenarian: The dissertation journey : by Roberts, Carol M. The essentials of performance analysis : The roles of evaluation for vocational education and training. by Talk, Plain. The school and community relations / by Moore, Edward H. Thought leadership meets business : by Lorange, Peter. Towards life long engineering education : by Cheok, B. T. Training the technical work force. by Carnevale, Anthony Patrick. Understanding learning difficulties. by Devereux, Kathleen. Weight training. by Field, Richard W. What the best MBAs know - how to apply the greatest ideas. by Navarro, Peter. Why montessori ? : by Aisha Z. Abdullah.